There are some artistic projects where you’re in the lead. You find pride in the vision that you create and the actualization of that vision with the help of those you delegate to.

And then, on the other hand, there are some projects you’re just a piece of that whole, and the pride you feel is different, though it isn’t any less. You feel the pride of having been a part of something great.

You feel pride at having contributed your own beauty to the beauty of the entire piece. You feel pride at being part of a team that made something wonderful, even if it wasn’t you that did the majority of the work. You feel the pride of a contributor, like somehow without you the beauty of the whole may just have been that much less.

Meet Chris and Erin Wunz. Chris and Erin are the owners of Tamarack Films in La Grande, Oregon, and they’re the best wedding video team in the Grande Ronde Valley, period.

As a result of commitment to their business, Chris and Erin have come a long way with their craft. Chris is a great shooter with an eye for interesting shots, a kind and gentle soul, and (most importantly in my opinion) both he and Erin put in the legwork before the big day to make sure that they’re prepared to best capture the elements that are important on the day of the wedding.

And last year I got the amazing opportunity to be a camera operator on one of their wedding shoots.

The pride of the part is the pride I feel regarding this piece of work. I was part of something beautiful, even if it was not my own. And although I got paid for my time working at the wedding, the dollars and cents that went into my bank account can’t even come close to the value of watching the video and picking out all the shots that wouldn’t have been a part of it without me behind the lens.

Seriously, I love how this project turned out:

Here’s the video.

Take a few minutes to watch this video (it’s only about five minutes long) and to remind yourself – during this time where trials and tragedies are testing society, family, and each and every one of us – that although a hundred thousand tragedies have come and passed, human beings still have their wedding days and the joys and lessons the years that follow can bring.

And if you are ever looking for a video for your or your loved one’s wedding, hit the team at Tamarack Wedding Company up. They won’t disappoint you, and here’s the link to their website.

Thanks, all! As always, you know that I love to hear back from you. If you watch the video, feel free to give Chris and Erin some love and I’ll forward them your reply!

Your friend,